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    Sep 7, 2016
    Good evening,

    Iam looking for a few kind farmers that are willing to give me a chance.
    I'm new to the metal detecting hobby and have no permissions has yet.

    I have read recently that a lot of farmers have gone off metal detecting due to theives and night hawkers.
    Iam not either and I'm fully registered with the national
    Council I have the public liability insurance to 10,000,000.
    I'm ideally looking for farms in the leeds West Yorkshire area but I would consider others especially if they are located on old land.if you already have metal detectors on your land that's fine I'm not looking for sole permissions.
    All finds will be shown and anything valuable will be split and a full contract from me will be supplied.
    If treasure is found under the treasure act it will be handed in has per the law.

    In return I can offer.
    Cleaning of your land of rubbish and waste whilst detecting.
    General labouring ie fixing fences ect I don't mind mucking in maybe bailing hay or moving it.
    Any other duties I could help with for free of course.
    Would be willing to agree a small payment for your time and letting me on your land.

    I can supply
    Ncmd number
    Insurance certificate
    Photo id with home address
    Criminal record disclosure.
    I don't dig big holes and they are filled in properly.
    Can do any type of land.
    If any of you feel you could give me a try please pm me or message back on this thread.
    A full contract will be drawn up and we can split any findings.
    Thanks for looking


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