1,000 speed PTO output shaft.


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Are many still using them?
I have 5 of them, some from tractors that are sold, I have never used any of them ever.
MF 7720S
MF 6718S
MF 4345
Is this one off a Deutz?


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Used to use the 21 spline for harvester long go but got sick of changing the stub so desided to change the yoke on shaft to 6 spline. Anything 1000 speed is six spline now.


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My neighbour is the only one I know of who still has 21 spline shafts on new implements! I think he hasn't realised that the lever in the cab changes the speed of the shaft without changing the stub!

He has 3 machines less than 7 years old, all with 21 spline shafts! He has 20 and 30 series deeres!


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Bottom one looks like a Deutz alright. I had a 6 to 21 spline adapter somewhat, don't know the day nor the hour I last saw it never mind used it


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We used them on silage harvesters down through the years and had one on the first power harrow. I was using a friends Claas mower Monday and I had to swop shafts, it was a 21 and not very old, possibly 10 years.


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I worked on a place for a summer and they had 21 spline shafts on anything running on 1000, I had to change over 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes twice a day. I have never used the 21 spline outside of that


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A fair pile of them here right back to 500 series , once shiftable ptos appeared all the 1000 ends were changed , the minute they land in the scrap is when someone will be looking for one.

Titan 8820

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The Taarup double chop had a 21 shaft, back in the mid 90's.
Also a large Dowdeswell rotavator, gone with the beet.
So l have stubshafts knocking about somewhere in the shed, havent seen them in years though.