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A man in his late 30s was killed in the incident, which is believed to have involved a bull, Agriland understands.

The incident occurred near Adare in Limerick on Thursday morning (April 1), according to Gardaí
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Yeah i though Adrian on i farm was very honest & left us watching in no doubt about what happened him & could have happened also. Fair play.


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A reminder here about the potential dangers of working with livestock.
Starts 17 minutes in.

always remember my mother talking about one time when the parents had a limousin bull. whatever day it was they were moving cattle or cows and the bull was there with them and some eligible bachelorettes must of caught his eye and my mother was standing between him and the cows. he took off running and all mom heard was my old man screaming "STOP HIM! STOP HIM!" she had no notions of staying in that bulls way any longer than what was needed and jumped out of the way. after that gave dad a scolding and soon after the bull left the farm. they moved from frieisian to angus bulls and now been with hereford bulls the past decade or so. they found them tame enough although the guy the parents have now isnt so sociable (past few times i go in to give him a fresh bed of straw, he's quick on swinging the leg back and seems to be more active and more stubborn) and is easy calving