Apple ID password


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One of the iPads here won't update its software past iOS 9.3.5, it's an iPad mini 2 which will go higher as we have another identical one which has updated to about 12 by now. I tried to do a factory reset and reboot to help it to update but it asked for the Apple ID password. The problem is the iPad that won't update is locked onto or registered to an old email eircom address that I had which is now well and truly shut down. Unfortunately I don't remember the Apple ID password to unlock it and out of the three security questions it asks, the answers I give it are not recognised even though they are correct. I can't get a password reset request emailed to me as the email address linked is gone. I contacted Apple support and they said they need proof of purchase to unlock it for me. It's about 5 years old and my wife bought it online and doesn't have the email receipt saved so no trace there only the bank statement to prove it. Anyway, surely there is a more logical way to unlock this? iPad can be used but just can't update software further.
Thanks for any help.