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Local dairy man I buy some bulls off has a regular client for heifer calves, he can't shift his yearlings at the moment so can't buy calves,I can't see that changing either.
There were customers for early beef calves but they are harder sold now I believe

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Seen them giving good money for very ordinary calves in carlow on Monday, he's hardly giving them away

Does that every year, there's a catch normally. Wouldn't deal with them EVER
He's buying lots of calves up this country (longford and Cavan) and I don't here any complaints from the seller's.
But according to him, he's the only "proper" exporter of calves. Dosen't think that there should be any competition.


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Things aren't good when they are giving them away for free
I’d say that’s pretty similar to when The big green diet feeder company used to hold their “sale day” and would list a heap of cheap feeders on it but if you landed down at 10am they’d all miraculously be sold already….

There are some lads around their own area would deal with them alright. Dad used to get some years ago but not for a long time now, we did go down to look at some there a few years ago when normal private source was a bit tight for calves when we wanted them, but that was as far as it went


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They're sold but we have x,y,z here you can buy. You'd have to wonder why locals dont deal with them....
correct me if I'm wrong ,but did hear back when they were being given away calves for free that they were only free if you bought the milk powder of them or am I mixing it up with another crowd


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Did anyone else read one of the last weeks Farmers Journal contributors that was moaning about being polled buying calves?

I thought it poor form to explicitly name the marts to be honest.


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I'm getting texts from our local mart looking for stock as prices are on fire and buyers exceed sellers
Cattle trade is always on fire when there is this much grass around, has been the last couple of years anyways. Hard to know also what an excellent price is at present, cattle that were were sold for what looked excellent prices earlier in the spring are starting to look cheap cattle now. Demand for beef is excellent at present, particularly in the UK and continental Europe.