Bargain basement reliable runaround


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Usually if doing low miles in a car, its hard to get fed up of it, some get fonder of a car the longer they keep it. I had a car once for around 14 years, but have great memories of being in the back seat in the early days...:tt1:
I had a fondness for our 504 pickup,the front bench seat meant I didn’t need to climb in the back.👩‍❤️‍👨💋😍

Landed back at girlfriends one night and parked up on the drive,climbed in the back and was getting jiggy when her parents landed down the drive in their motor,feck it was embarrassing getting out to get back into the driving seat.😮😁


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Werent bought for to polished and admired gleaming outside the door podge......flat tyre on the cart and the donkey is self isolating, and have to have white diesel which is a pain in the hole.she got addicted to green in the last lockdown with no customs and she still has withdrawel symptoms 😁

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I actually saw a Yaris “commercial” in Cork the other day.....!!

Saw this yesterday, Porsche Cayenne. It was 161. From the green on it I don’t think it may have ever been washed. There genuinely was moss growing on the drivers window cill. Green under the door handles.

I suspect it was a Carlow barley barons runaround/farm vehicle.

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if this is a wx reg, I came across it yesterday, again obnoxiously parked :lol: