Bedding Question


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What about them do you not like?
Cattle always digging them out then getting stuck under the cubicle
When the ol man put them in 30 year ago we should have spent the bit extra then for a load of concrete
Near enough every year since we been topping them up before housing only for the beasts to dig it out in about 3 weeks

Newton rigg cubicles are shyte too
All the metal legs are in the shitty end of the bed so rust away


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Im on cubicles with rubber mats in 1 shed of 80 and another shed of 40 is cubicles and earth beds
The earth beds are, to be blunt, fucking useless
Think I've found 20 super comfort cubicles and pipes so this summer will rip out 1 side ,concrete the beds and fit the super comforts
Half toying with the idea to use a roll of old astroturf upside down on the concrete as a form of mat🤷‍♂️
Better off with an old conveyor belt than astroturf.
Thought sawdust wouldn t be ideal to be spreading on grass ground. ? Brother uses hydrated lime on cubicles but dont know how it affects slurry
Sawdust isn’t ideal but I let it rot for a couple of years.