Best haybob for round baler


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One that is capable of making a 4ft wide swath that is even thickness across,more down to settings and driver than make of machine although the larger the better


This is what i have. We were told a haybob would shake it out better than this.


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A neighbor got a new Kuhn 360 last year. He does his own baling. It makes a lovely clean and wide row and let's him produce far better bales than he used to with his old nh haybob.

We got a new pz 300 here the year before last just for tedding. We'd be only doing about 70 acres a year and tedding out disc mower Swarts rather than conditioner rows. Its ideal for what we want. Contractor rakes.

Big Vern

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The best haybob is one that's parked in a gap in the hedge stopping the cattle from braking into the silage field and slowing the baler down!😂

There's several acrobats decorating hedge lines round here... I also see many old haybobs in stingers on the dairy farms I visit. The most common colour of rake/tedder I see parked in sheds would be light green n cream
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