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It was designed by Steyr, but as part of the anti cartel rules, certain parts of the Case/Steyr and the Ford/Fiat/NH businesses had to be sold off, same reason that NH had to sell the Buhler tractor plant (that made the 70 series) to Versatile.

The S-Matic box has been made in southwest Germany for the last 20 years at ZF’s factory, to be fair though, its only A couple of clicks over the border from Austria and its local big town would be Linz, which is in austria and that in itself is only 40 mins from St. Val/Steyr - a lot of the factory staff live in Linz, and a lot fly into it as it has a decent airport, but the ‘box isn’t anything to do with Steyr anymore.
Was in under one last week and I see the I'd plate Zf passau obviously you know where that is.
Friend of mine bought a muir hill in linz, drove it around the chain link fencing around the airport.
Your man's workshop door was looking at the end of the runway.
He had what looked like a big shed at the side of the house but when we were invited in it was a huge private bar with pool table and hunting trophys.
The wealth in Austria is unbelievable all living in these huge courtyard houses.

That is one beautiful part of the world.
Steyr itself is nice down by the river you'd know it was an industrial town tho.
Id love to give a look around that Zf /man factory that was once the steyr plant the place is some size and I'm assuming the likes of skf just fed off of that.
The case plant is now just an assembly line?
Didn't go in there but had a good look around outside as it was a sat evening.
Also from the other side you can pretty much step onto the magna test track if your brave enough.

The cvx classic will always be the icon for me, I cannot warm to pumas and I have tried to numerous times.
There's just something about the real ones that hits the spot there's a quality feel to them.
I've got to know a little bit about them as time goes on, funny the first one we bought I was really hesitant about it as they had a really bad rep around here but probably unjustified in most cases.
I remember having it delivered and putting it straight to work, I came home with it and my father said well what do you think of it and I said I think we better go looking for another one.
We had a puma 175 this year for a month full full spec and honestly if I was going out to buy I'd spend the money on a classic with 1500 hours on it
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