Claas 355 v 220 master profi or 220 master?


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I had a claas 250rc but was always broken down, spent thousands on it, so sold it for spare or repairs on Facebook 10days ago, and got a contactor to bale what was left, but l like a baler of my own as you can bale 40 or 140,so seen a 355 claas, 30000 bales, 2010, also a welgar 220 profi 2004, 39000 bales and a 2001 220 master 38000 bales, there all between 6500 and 7 grand, l only bale around 500 bales a season. What. Would be the best, also eric townsend has a 235 profi 2007 but wants 8 grand but looks rough, bad paint work.. Advice please.

Claas Grass

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220 Profi if it's clean, a baler of that era no other brand is worth even considering in my opinion. Have a 220 here for our own use.


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Buy a 220 farmer as they had no chopper from new and wouldn't have a hard life, then buy a chopper from a broken profi model and stick it in, that's if you need a chopper. Bale silage here with a 220 farmer and once you take your time and have a nice row it makes as good a bale as a chopper baler


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Ara there are a heap of lads on here who are always posting about balers as well. They like talking about balers.
I have a baler addiction but i don't like talking about it........................................:blush: