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In relation to operator comfort etc you are probably right it’s still handles for drum,header, unloading augur etc.

Manual engagement of header, drum and unloading augur isn't the end of the world.. if anything, its 3 less things to go wrong on it..

So was that 63 if I remember correctly

Correct, that 63 had lever engagement beside the seat.... it certainly didn't devalue the final price it made!


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They were very desperate to retain a local guy here who ended up going a different shade of green as they only wanted to sell the new trion rather than a lexion, so maybe sold out on lexion?


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Is the trion the same as the old 600 series of lexions and the new 6000 series a completely new model or are the new 5000 series the same as the old 6000?
It’s not really a major dilemma Ill have for about 25 years but I’m doing my homework now in case the internet runs out of diesel.
400 series I thought...

diesel power

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Story being told by Kelly's is that a shortage of some components has the entire combine factory closed
I know Kelly's were saying that new self propels had to be ordered back in Oct I think it was or there was no chance of you getting a new one next year.