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I have phacelia vetch mix here sown the same time and there is feck all on it apart from barley volunteers. Phacelia is almost non existent. Had seed rep out to look at it and of course he says it's ok but germination seems awful. Either way that's very impressive.
Was talking with my buddy who was going to set my cover crop there was some set 10days before us very patchy they were blaming the dry spell, between that and the fact it was September we changed to oats to at least get a good chance of a green mass. Might look at going in house next year to get better timing

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Why are you overlapping so much?
Huge headland and I ran out and drove back to the tank with out switching off the gps thingy . I also drove up the field to spray around a woods a monument a tree and I doubled back to spray an environmentally sensitive area.

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Winter wheat going in next . The cover crop goes a lot deeper than the volunteer Oats. Incidentally the oats are a lot greener where there is no cover crop due to a fuseholder on the cable to the seeder burning out .


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This field is destined for Spring Barley and I hope to get slurry on it .


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This was a heavy enough crop of isobel with the straw chopped, when we incorporated the straw there was a few bags of old glas seed which to get rid of we threw into the seeder to use up. It really took off and along with the volunteers has kept the sheep going for the last month. Plan to spray off at the end of the week and sow next week.


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When I was in college I remember looking at carbon to nitrogen ratios and I remember green material was very low so very easily broken down??? I could be getting confused now the hamster had a long day.. but bean and OSR straw also easy enough break down but then wheat straw is crazy hard to break drown. I think that’s how it went anyway

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Anyone experimented with ploughing down the cover crop green or spraying off and leaving it die down well before ploughing. Which is best?