Covid 19


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was at the solicitors this morning. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer recently . This woman would have been at bingo most evenings up until covid. We were just saying how crap this last year has been for people like her and if she is very ill, she'll have wasted the last year of her life in isolation


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Schools are rotten with it at the moment. Family locally have it all cousins mixing, some of them are out of school as considered a close contact, while siblings in the same house are still in school. I don’t know what the make of it. The source of the infection was a serving member of the Garda who broke restrictions to visit family in another county a few weeks ago before the restrictions had lifted.

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Another lock down in a months time then??

I would say there's a good possibility there will be some type of restrictions

On the grounds that a few people are getting Covid . It will be all about testing and isolating people not shutting the economy . Covid in vacinated health care settings are in the .0% and this is where people were previously dying


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You don't get appointments atm for testing. All centres are walking centres until the computer system is fixed. Brother was tested on Saturday and had results within 24 hours. My dadvus due to have an angiogram tomorrow. We assume that won't go ahead
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Anyone got suggestions for vaccine choice
Johnson and Johson, Astra, or wait for Pfizer Moderna

Or all they all much of a muchness?