Covid 19


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I doubt it, tbh. The majority of the vulnerable population is either dead or vaccinated so the Government seems happy to try out for herd immunity with the remaining population without asking them if they want to go that way or not.

The spillover here could get very rough yet, seeing as August around here seems to bring large numbers of UK visitors for a couple of weeks :sad:
Herd immunity is a dream, we haven't even developed that for the flu.


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Shur only the vaccinated will be admitted,what's the problem.

& anyway covids here to stay & the moneys ran out now so time to get on with living before other circumstances in life kill us.

Rusty Spade

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Herd immunity is a dream, we haven't even developed that for the flu.
Flu is a different kettle of fish but shows a lot of the dangers of dismissing Covid as just a flu. There's 2 components of flus, the H and N components, and different numbers of each, like H5N4. They recombine when transmitted between pigs and humans and that's why we need different flu shots every year, depending on which 3 combinations of H and N are the most prevalent. They track the cases during our summer, winter in the southern hemisphere, to see which ones are most prevalent and most dangerous.

We won't have that ability to track and develop vaccines to prevent dangerous Covid variants because there's so much transmission everywhere and the chances of dangerous variants increases hugely, the more people are infected increases the risks of two or more variants, which might be relatively harmless by themselves, recombining to form a more dangerous variant. We were extremely lucky there was so much work done on the SARS and MERS in the last decade that a vaccine could be developed quickly. But funds were more difficult to find to continue the research into Coronaviruses in the few labs still doing research into them because it wasn't perceived to be a continuing threat.

Eventually we're going to get a variant that's able to bypass the immune response from vaccination, it's only a matter of time. Just hope it's a variant that doesn't cause severe disease and it may just become like the flu, long term.


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Just got a text one of youngest lads soccer team has tested positive. No training this week. Game was cancelled for today. A lot of it around here


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Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.
Often heard locals say around here of a thing that happened about sixty years ago. There was young one who thought she was above everyone else and let you know too. One warm summers evening she was sitting down having chat with her friend in the village. There was a steep bank behind where they were sitting. One lad was after couple drinks goes round the back of the bank and climbs up. Starts having a piss and calls out her name. She turned round and was pissed on straight into the face!!!!