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Am I getting it right that one died in his early 60's and the other around 100 years old, 3 hrs sleep and working lets say 18hrs you would have a good 2 years work done every year, the lad in his 60's had over 80 years work done.

No .
I lad died in 1980 , had a mild heart attack , reluctantly went to hospital , where he got another heart attack, which took him.
He had inherited money from America , and was in expansion mode , even though in his mid 60s , and thought he was going to live for years . He had no will made , and something over 30 1st cousins divided the proceeds .
It was bought by a dairy farmer 2 miles from it . Though he gave up milking 10 years later and then had 2 idle parlours . His son is talking of starting milking with a robot , but hasn't any decent block of land in one piece .

The other man , who died last year was 64 , and had 3 lifetimes work done . The cows were milked.for last summer by relatives, and sold before Christmas.
I won't comment on what will happen the farm.
Several forum members know the circumstances of his death .


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