Daily weather forecast update

Missing the rain already here, half barrell under a spout for washing the wellies, I emptied her out Sunday eve & said to myself she'll be full for morning. Wouldn't drown a rat in it since.it has its uses rain.

I'd say we'll get a number of months now at least of a dryish nature. Ground will style up rightly for any travel with cooler winds
This weather forecasting..:huh:

Stayed dry in the southeast. But anyone following the forecast the 1st of December is terrible unless you like snow.

Expecting a volcano to erupt in Iceland now to finish us all off!!
Forecast for next week mixed, either more cold or very wet n windy
I reckon we will see some more rain, wet and windy weather up to at least mid December and then we will see more polar vortex dominated weather and a sudden stratospheric warming that will bring us a cold and possibly snowy end of December and into January
Do you know what happens after you drink a bottle of that.

Nobody knows
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