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There's a lad that works with me and he has a different woman every week from plenty of fish. The women that work with us recon that it must be good because they can't believe that he gets any women at all . He was with a nurse last week, he's been out with pharmacists and and solicitors.

He's certainly getting value for money from it.
Fair play to him or is he only boasting


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It would all depend what sites he's using.
Amd has anyone actually seen these women!😂

Mate of mine used to have serious fun on one site, we later discovered it was a "no strings" kind of site. The only one who did well out of that site was the CEO of herpies cream.


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Eligible Bachelors could be in short supply .
List got shorter last week , with the jumping ship of @diesel power .

@nashmach , @Mf240 @Peter Are the top of the list .

God help what's at the end of the lists chances

Well I'm still working away at tinder anyway. Overall its a good enough site and I'm getting a few matchs but I havent yet been on a second date with any of them.
I find it a good way to pass an evening meeting women for socially disant coffee. Overall I am enjoying myself meeting new people and I would encorage any single people on here to join up and give it a go.