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Ok who told the Mrs on the agmatters forum? 🤔

I’ve convinced her we need a new cattle container plus wagon,also I’ve been showing her pictures of nice broughan dump trailers this morning.😍View attachment 89671
I’ll let her chose the colour.😁


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A friend of mine dragged me to a Macra variety concert in a parish hall in the back end of nowhere over the Christmas holidays years ago. He was chasing some bird that didn't show up..
I hadn't much interest in going but there wasn't a lot else on, neither of us had a clue how to get to the place , we had to pick up another fella on the way that knew how to get there.

Anyway I won a tin of Roses at the interval raffle , opened it to share the sweets out.
When I turned to offer a sweet to the person sitting behind me there she was!
Got talking then and continued in the pub nearby.
Together 10 years now