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There is still a farrar man in abbeyshrule, I'm guessing he is of the same family as above. All he seems to do is straighten haybob reels.

I took one off our haybob that had a bit of a wobble in it. I put it in the trailer and the father went off with it. Your man took the reel off and went behind a door, and wouldn't let the auld lad see whatever he was at, but there was a lot of hammering and banging. He must be trying to hold on to trade secrets.

He told me this when he came back and I was sceptical enough, but we put to anyways and put it back into the haybob. To his credit, it was spot on, and has stayed so since. That must be 3 years ago now.
I remember an article in the farmers journal about his haybob reel straightening service, they mentioned that he was very secretive about his method and any equipment used. Does the same fella have a collection of vintage tractors?


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I remember the McManus bros doing a group water scheme near me in the late 1970s with hymacs. Worked with one of them about 15 years ago . They are long retired now .

John kverneland

Farm powers stickers have improved a lot since the big white sticker on the bonnets.

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E.C. Pratt sold Abbey for a good few years, I bought a McConnell PA95 hedgecutter from them, last I heard of it was 10 yrs or more ago, it was with a lad outside Cahir.
Are ec Pratt involved with vintage plough parts? I think I got ransom shares off him before

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Don't know what's going on there now, they were importing Kuhn and Kongskilde until maybe 5 or 6 years ago. A son of Jim's is/was running the show now.
Didn't know if they were still on the go or not, a name you wouldn't hear much of now if at all.

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2 that are one the remains of a bale handler frame here at home . First is Aherns garage . Second maybe the crowd that made the bale handler