Disc Harrow


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You might have a few more thirsty ponies than me though!
Might be a few alright😂 Was just when I saw your post it reminded me of it! Not sure how accurate they’d be though, have the meter on the tank too but the tractor was at a few jobs over the fill so couldn’t work it out off that!

Blue Ray

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Did a mornings discing and refueled, 1.8 litres / acre was the consumption.
That's very efficient, I covered about 14 acres twice, the TM 155 was full starting off and showing half full when finished. Depth of work would be an important influence on diesel use, this was stubble and I left it ready for the owner to sow grass seed. It's a 4m disc and I don't think a tractor any smaller would be able for it.
I forgot to say that the TM holds 350 litres I think.
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