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hi all. Set up new electric fence unit on existing fence. While fixing water hydro pipe to stake got nice tingle of barbed wire 0.9 volts when checked.Sheep wire showin a low voltage too 0.2v. It's straight stretch between 2gates an can't c how it's arcing. Went around peremiter of field an same on all. Is tis 'normal'?


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How good is your earth?
From previous experience a poor earth can cause a myriad of funny problems

Hav a new 3ft galvanised rod driven down an hav 7.6kv on plain wire so good bang from it.

I'm guessing you have a leak through an insulator and it's creeping through the stake onto the barbed wire.

The insulators look very short to me.

Thanks for replys. Insulators too short prob most obvious problem. Am I doin my fencer any long term damage? Don't fancy changing all insulators


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Thanks for replys. Insulators too short prob most obvious problem. Am I doin my fencer any long term damage? Don't fancy changing all insulators

If it is earthing with short insulators in dry weather then your fencer will be doing sweet Fcuk all in wet weather with those insulators. Easy solution is get the screw in insulators and replace with them on each post. Should not cost you a fortune.
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Do modern emergisers cause interference with tv and radio signal?

Father set one up years ago near the house and it had to be moved.
But that was 50 odd years ago.

I need one to energise a big section but the only power supply is out of the garage attached to my house.


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Think it was an issue with one or possibly all the Long/medium/short wavelengths. Grandfather used to drive us daft giving out about the fence shorting when he was listening to BBC!! I’ve never had an issue with FM stations
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Remember about 17 yrs ago going in to the cop shop to licence a few of our own firearms and some to sort out after the uncle died but when I went it the sergant was like an anti Christ. All you could hear across the garda radio was tick tick tick.i says to him why he was so grumby and he said about listening to this , and that there had been several highly educated technicians down from dublin to try to fix it.
He said of a wet day its worse.
There was a window opposite where the reception desk was and I could see out.knew the man that owned the field and didn't expect much else, hedge and briars all growing over the fence and earthing it and garda radio was picking it up.
I said to him that the next prick of a technician that called give him a bill hook and send him out.problem sorted I heard afterwards