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Bit of whitethorn putting out leaf and not a daffodil open around here..

Blackwater boy


I think it’s a sparrow hawk, I don’t think it’s a buzzard. There seems to be far more of them around in the last few months than I’ve seen for years. There was 3 of them in that field where I took the pics. They seem to get on well with the crows are they would have been within 20 feet of each other.

Ozzy Scott

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Lovely pics.
Looks Like a Buzzard to me, the Sparrowhawk is smaller, it's wings come more to a point and are extremely fast hunters and fliers, much more likely to get a picture of a Sparrowhawk perched than hunting, impressive to watch hunting, but it tends to be very quick and over nearly as soon as it starts.


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Is anyone else noticing an increase in the number of flatworms this year? I know I'm finding them every time I move something in the garden, but unsure what exactly to do apart from removing the ones that I see. I wonder how much damage it's having to the land for growing too.


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Was in the yard this morning and saw a chuff up on a shed. It then flew into the workshop. Called over my old lad to show him only to discover a pair of them in there. They off lively so have no pic. Its over 20yrs since we saw one on the farm. They are black with red legs and curved beak.

Bog Man

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Six sygnets . They made a hissing sound when the dog ran over near them . Very intimidating.


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