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As there is a few here with a liking for the older favorits i think we should have a thread for them and any links classifieds we see and try keep them in the one spot, it's unlikely to take off like the cvx thread:Thumbp2:


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Stuck a pic on your post there Marco, so when the ad is gone people will still now what led to Corks sight issues.
Trouble is we have no choice but go blind now when we look at this thread!!!:wacko:.....:rolleyes2:

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How come some have white rims ?
Contrary to common belief valtra are not the only make to offer different colours.
You can get a Fendt in the standard green and red or the optional turquoise and white.
Mine is clearly not a turquoise model but ended up with the white wheels.
It was a bit more common on the continent but pretty rare in UK and Ireland.
Think it cost about £300 more twenty years ago.