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No she be well serviced.he says there is a miss in her aswell.is it the like of dipetaine your thinking off marco.even when you take air filters out its not making a difference.lift pump was clean, injector pump seemed clean and fuel filter was good.as he said himself we don't have any bother with filters over the years

Did you check the filter inside the pump itself? Theres a boost diaphram inside some of them pumps that was known to fail and cause power loss.


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Did a member have some roller sets for feeding a bandsaw on here maybe a year or so ago?
That might have been me. There was one's for sale in Monaghan but they were only for sale in bundles of ten and I only wanted two. I asked on here if anyone wanted to get some but there wasn't enough interest at the time to get all ten.
A couple of weeks later I saw one's sitting outside in an engineering place and I asked about them and they sold them to me. It worked out better as they had legs and all. The ones in Monaghan were the rollers only