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I can hear the pump in the tank working away once the key is turned on
Take the pipe off the filter,the 1 that comes from the tank
Put it into a can and turn the key
If diesel comes out the first time try and measure the quantity
2nd time try it with your finger over the end see if there's pressure


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As John Deere's go, how reliable are the 6200 and 6300 models?
Very reliable, 6400 would be even better.

Only issue is getting to this hour of their lives it could make you or break you in terms of repair cost and a lot of independent mechanics wont look at them.

You will spend a few thousand on dry clutches over 10k hours on most tractors, but its more intermittent. Clutch packs/brakes etc all tend to go around 9 or 10k hours in the JD for the first time on them, and its thousands to do anything with.

Two 6400's locally, I know the owners well, gave great service, but it was 3-4k to do the packs when they went in the two of them. One is now at 15k hours and diet feeding everyday. If you can get one with a lot of those repairs done, you'd have a good tractor for years.


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I can hear the pump in the tank working away once the key is turned on
Could be the gauze at the end of the lift pump in the tank. If it's the same system as the jd6800. We used to hit the bottom of the tank with a hammer when we needed a quick fix for it, but thinking on it now that would release more dirt from the bottom of the tank. If it's the same as the jd6800 there is a port through the floor of the cab on the passenger side underneath the mat under that is the top of the lift pump, pull it out n check the gauze and be careful with the wires.