Joint Heard Number, Tax, BPS 25% Top Up & Entitlements


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Hi all, I am in the process of adding my name to my father’s herd number so it will be a joint herd number. I have completed the green cert and intend on applying for the 25% top up under the ‘Young Farmer Scheme’. My father and I intend on setting up a tax partnership as my off farm income is €50,000 with an 80%/20% profit split (20% to me). My first question is – as we are going to be in a tax partnership will I be able to avail of the 25% on all our entitlements or just 20% of them as per the tax partnership?

We are also in the process of transferring the farm itself. When you inherit the farm do the entitlements automatically transfer with the land or how does that work?

Thanks in advance.


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Not sure on your first question but I think it is on all the entitlements in the partnership subject to a cap (50 entitlements I believe)

Entitlements transfer has to be done seperately.