Low roof loader tractor


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The rear mudguards are an usual shape where the cab steps are, still nice looking tractor, I guess the hitch would have to be changed whats that cost 1.5k?


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If I go NH it will be a T5070, a great little tractor, I would love to see one on 18.4r34s to see how they fit under the mudgaurds, it has to be tight
I don't need a tractor that big or capable, I have 2 big tractors
Used to be a 5060 near by on 18.4’s running a fair lump of a hedger,(possibly a 7m) I’m not sure think they may have been trellborgs, but I know i could barely get my hand between the tire and the inner mudguard. Always looked beastly on them, I remember seeing pics of a 2wd tl70? on 600/34’s they were bet under the mudguards and looked like it would float 🤣
Always would have liked to try a 506/70 as both a tl90a and tl100a impressed me a lot, the 100 was wound up a bit and it would have eaten the ts100 we had at the time for breakfast!


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@gone, still too high? (I know nothing about these so could be wrong!)



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Too high?
Thanks TS,
I am not really fully ofay with CNH models, I think, from what I have been told on here, that they are just about low enough for me, but a JXU is a way more suitable tractor?????????????? But I don't really know.
Looking again, I think they need to be on 34" tyres and without cab suspension to be low enough.