Mandatory EID of cattle from middle of next year


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Nothing really happens to people caught rustling as such , even by the dept.there is no severe penalty ever handed out to deter would be that rustlers
The man caught at Virginia show for stealing a calf , swapping tags and he was got 2 or 3 days came to light that there was another animal that suffered the same faith at the same show a few yrs earlier.people did recognise the cow but nobody could prove it.
Case went to court by the dept which @CavanJacks And other's will remember but feck out came out of it......slap on the wrist.stealing was one thing but changing tags was another.i know that person and I don't have any time for sweet talkers.he was charged alright but there was no deterent to prevent anyone considering the same stunt.
Man appeared to a local show the following year, nobody even bid him the time of day and the judge placed him last on the basis the cow was to big to suit lying in a cubicle..
The UK and NI seems to take a stricter view on rustling with severe penalties
IMG-20210915-WA0000.jpgknow the father.have had dealings with him .
Doesn't appear the dept done much either when he swapped tags and put in his own.
Know the garda super mentioned above through family connections as would @mixed fleet .
Padraig the superintendent wont be happy with the outcome of that case