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jf 850

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Is that not an old idea, before swaged fittings they were all screw type, still have a few old one knocking around.

I thought the same as you . I have a couple still here of 3/8 and 1/2 , for that very reason of a diy emergency repair.


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If you guys have a link to manufactures parts etc post em up:Thumbp2:
Now some need a dealer log in so i dont know about posting that and others need to register
Some are open:Thumbp2:



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The jcb parts finder doesn't seem to be working the last few days, is there a different site providing the same service?

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This is a relatively new startup supplying machinery parts. One of the guys behind the business is married to a neighbors daughter. He worked for Finans and was involved with Caterpillar. If your bank account gets hacked or you get bearings made of chocolate do not come crying to me.