Massey Ferguson 7400


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Bloody A and B pre-set revs are playing up on mine,stays highlighted on the dash but the revs drop,couldn’t get it to work at all yesterday,hard work hedging in stick mode,ok on a nice long stretch but around obstacles pedal is best.
Any error codes for that?


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New tyres be nice on it

Farmer Murph

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Was curious to see the size difference between the farm ‘little tractor’ and the new ‘big tractor’ 74...


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Sometimes if you leave it revving say on the tub mixer it will go to tick over despite having the pre-set activated.
Did it again today on the roto-grind,one minute it’s singing away the next the revs drop to tick over,not the fuel pump because if you use the hand throttle it revs up.

Also had to take side panel off to get at the plug on the pto switch,they must be very sensitive or very low voltage because the wire to the switch is like speaker wire.

massey 6480

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Got to take a 7719 dynavt next edition for a spin today . Nice tractor fair quick to build up speed in joystick mode and pedal mode . Would take a bit of getting used to to get the feel for it compared to the dyna6 box . 4 of us took it for a spin . And all had the same issue stopping power was terrible. No. Feel in the brake pedal till it was near to the floor. Were we driving it wrong?