Massey Ferguson


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Very nice, well wear. How do ye find them comfort wise compared to the deutz? I know a jd man was driving one recently and he wasn't very impressed with them but he might be a bit biased against them 😗
I have only drove the 7718 and I find it comfortable enough now to be fair. A nice tractor to drive. Never actually drove the 6616 with the loader. Both tractors and more or less the same inside. Both are dyna 6 tractors.


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I had 2 lads out to me there last week they be very big contractors, they wanted to see the 7720. There running mainly class tractors but have 2 masseys in the fleet currently, along with some cvx. Currently they have 4 claas tractors that are f#cked engine trouble, one is 2018, the 2 masseys they have they reckon are the most reliable in the fleet and they would be a few years old doing what I would consider big enough hours in the year.
Big contractor down our way changed away from near all Claas back to Massey again. Had an axion which was supposed to have given a share of trouble.


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In fairness it is very hard to match JD on operator comfort and ergonomics. It is a pity they no longer make a compact mid weight 200hp tractor like the 7530 and the 7810 before it. The man that sows most of my corn bought a 7530 around the same time as I bought a 6490, the 7530 is a bit more comfortable and better laid out also it is a bit shorter and slightly more manoeuvrable.
It has given more than it's fair share of engine trouble and the spools are always acting up, but it is very hard to replace with any make.


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Did ya consider a Deere when u bought 7720.
No I didn’t. If I was going for a Deere it would have to be a auto power or command pro. Then Iv never actually driven a Dyna VT massey so I’d have to try demo one of them too for a proper comparison. I looked at Valtra and claas the time when the tractor was bought that was all.


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Asmost on here would know I would be a mf supporter. But I have to admit that having driven a jd 155r I was impressed with how comfortable it was
Same here had night at silage admittedly just a 10 ton Fraser on it but I was impressed with a 6120M, I always liked the look of the 6430s and it seems this is its younger brother.


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Was going to say that but they are a heavy tractor , never weighed an m but if they came in 50km there would be the world of them around the country. I strongly considered a year old 6195m a while back but wrong gearbox for the jobs I have lined up for it. I have the 170r 175r and 195r and they do the majority of the work. The 170 is remapped to 190hp and it’s the tractor I always prefer to drive , the 6170 really is an underrated tractor although they do need that extra 20 hp.