Masseyrk662 pics


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Very good and there gaining a bit of ground to... not far from adare machinery here and a very good friend of mine is one of the main mechanics with them... There not doing doosan anymore lost the dealership a few months back

Are they still selling Bobcat, that seems strange when Doosan owns Bobcat


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What size/model sprayer is that KV? Do you like it?
It’s a 1200 litre tank and 300 litre wash tank so you can spray 15 acres a time If needed. It’s either an A12 or B12 I always get mixed up, booms are only 15m on that but I do About 1500 acres of grassland spraying on hire a year so it’s just ideal for the likes of paddocks and that. Bought it brand new in 2018 caused a bit of trouble last year with water leaking out of the level gauge on 2 separate occasions and the booms weren’t levelling themselves at the end of last week, had to change a level sensor. That’s all the issues we have had with it


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Some pictures from the past week


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