Odd cubicle design


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I saw a cow "cubicle" design a few years ago now on Google and I can't find it again. It was just very interesting and looking for more info on it if it exists.
Wondering does anyone know a name for it that I can Google, I'll try to describe it was best I remember.
It was situated in the middle of a floor, cows could walk around it on all sides.
The out line of the base had 6 sides if I remember correctly.
Imagine a square in the middle of 2 triangles one on the right and one on the left side. It was divided from the centre of the square to the centre of the top line of the square and centre of the lower sides of each triangle to each side resulting in 3 beds for the cows.


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This is it. Cow signals are of course where I first saw it


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What would be the advantage of them over conventional cubicles?
Freedome of movement I suppose?
Theoretically you could place them anywhere in the shed.
Then if a cow wants to avoid another it's easy enough.

And they might not need to walk round to a feed barrier or water trough.

Theoretically makes a lot of sense presuming you can get as many lying spaces into the same shed area.