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Well I got permission to come aboard today on Mr @Bog Man yacht "Firecracker" for a little tipple of France's finest and I must say I'm impressed how ye tillage boys live sure ye put us dairy lads in the half penny place View attachment 55557
I always though Bog Mans boat was named "Favorit", painted a mix of Fendt and Deutz Fahr green, powered by the engine of a Ford Focus, belched smoke like an old TW and used the crane of a hooklift to launch the lifeboat....
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Yes, I bought that as a run about for getting ashore from my main “yacht”. The pier there hasn’t enough draft for the larger vessel.
I’m currently off the Amalfi coast, the French ports can get a little mobbed with rif raf at this time of the year.
mind the pirates when you are coming home


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Got the shed ready for housing today,put out silage for them , this time last year I was feeding with 2months 20181108_150622.jpg bringing in the cows this evening for the last time for 2018 only cause I am out of grass what a great finish to the year ! There is still growth as can be seen from the back fencing 20181108_162134.jpg 20181108_162058.jpg well it's good to see I have my crock of gold 20181107_124429.jpg