Seen for sale...


Cheap silage for under a grand :laugh:



or this little beauty....

"Fiat 65-94 DT.
  • May 1996 (N)
  • Just 828 hours from new.
  • On 16.9 x 30 rears - 80% and 11.2 x 24 fronts - 50%.
  • Comfort cab.
  • 12 x 12 shuttle box.
  • Front fenders.
  • 2 owners from new, last owner since 1996!
An exceptional little tractor. Where would you find another with these hours."


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used to have an 88-94, mighty little tractor that with a decent set of tyres would go anywhere.

the dollars would be on the steep side on that one i would think.


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came across this the other day


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Ó hÉidin

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came across this the other day

There is still mileage in those doublechops often thought about buying a couple and refurbing them each year, same as the jf900's would be a nice little earner off season. Especially with people seeing the logic in a wagon at 25k to 'do their own bit' mcullagh had a dc1500 recently that was reworked to as good as new.

He little fiat would make a lovely little wrapper tractor. We have a nh 4835, would like to stand them side by side and see how similar they were.


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That Case was real - I have a brochure on them. They were introduced about the same time as the MF 3065 HV.

That Taarup looks ideal for me - off with the spout, a run around with the angle grinder and hey presto high speed topper. Ran a 5ft one on a Ford 3000 (with 4610 engine) in 7th years ago:thumbup: