Seen for sale...


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Still looking for a trailer @nashmach

That sure is pretty. It's a pettitt built I assume?

The one I have will more than do for now and brings more than that, I would not be a fan of those wheels to be honest.

Pettit trailer is right and they were badge engineered by many other firms in the 70's. Rare to see one as clean.


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even if vat not included ? , seems very cheap ?

Sold as seen. No warranty given. If he's not willing to stand by it then that's all its worth. Look at the steps on it? It had a hard life for just that amount of hours. I know that tractor. I see the previous owner now driving a New Holland. The last time I saw that tractor on the road, it was carrying a bale of silage back and front and it looked like a thing that had been pulled from a boghole there was so much muck on it.