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jf 850

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Anyone for a red ferrari?

An IMT , or as a neighbour , who is dead for 17 years , and had one of them from 1985 up to 95 ish , called it " The IMP " .
He bought it from Minogues , to replace a Nuffield 10/60 . It was possibly 5 odd years old , a sort of demo model , that had come from the UK, given a while in a number of garages , but never clicked with anyone .
It had a cracking 248 engine , and went downhill rapidly from there back . Only a 6 speed gearbox , with quite a fast top gear , so huge gaps in speeds . The brakes had 2 positions , On , and Off . Oh , and the steering lock was appalling.
I drew silage with it for a day once . He replaced it with an IH 784 , which was probably a couple of years older , but tidy . A boat back to Yugoslavia , is the best place for one of them .


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There was one of those 4wd Majors here years ago, was a good machine to keep going in sticky conditions.
Was meant to be one around here a few years ago. Was meant to be the go to tractor to pull machines that were stuck. Was meant to have pulled the 7530 and the nc out of the bog before.