Silage 2021


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Does silage that got a high rate of N still have to be wilted to keep the N levels down? Especially ground that’s being cut a bit earlier.

Rusty Spade

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Getting second cut mowed this morning. Cut first cut at beginning of June
That'll be good stuff.
No second cut here, I've 25 acres let to a neighbour, 13 out for reseeding this week and the rest gone for grazing. Have a few surplus paddocks to take out now with the extra grazing ground. It'll all be needed unless we get some rain soon though.


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My 3rd cut


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what do you think of the chaser?
Fine job infairness
No wonder rates have to go up 50% :drunk: :lol:
They have to go up 50% I'd prefer if they went up 100%
Was the T6 able for the fusion? I know of one local on one but it has been remapped.
No I wouldn't be impressed by it at all thought it was weak and not nice to drive.
But hard beat what I have.
Were you in Dingle ,saw that there today
No that was with @Grassnslurry


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Mowed some light 2nd today,followed the mower with the rake and picked 15 acres up straight after milking,I’m going to pick the rest up in the morning and go and mow and do the same,not a drop of moisture on the wheels so I’d say it’s 25dm or drier stood up.

Would have been a great year for triples with groupers,I’d say we get 1in 10 like this so I’m not rushing out to buy some.


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Continued my one man 2nd cutting,mowed raked,picked up and clamped 20 acres between milking.😅

Being a tightwad I’ve done the lightest and awkward bits with the wagon,I’ve the self propelled crew in tomorrow,mowing in front of the forager,I’d say it’ll be dry enough.


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Our second last 1st cut job wrapped up. By no means a big job. Mowed all yesterday morning. Pitted 7ac of it on the out farm where cows will self feed. Then drew home the remaining in 88 bales today to the home farm to be wrapped and stacked


jay gatsby

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Met some whopping big loads of silage between clonakilty and bandon today. Must have been on a long draw, seemed to be a couple of convoys. Id say you'd need 2 loaders on the pit wherever they were headed


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Do john deere harvestor have a hatred of dry silage.mowed 2nd cut silage yesterday afternoon and tedded it.raked and started to lift this evening.40ft rows in front of 7450.blocking and choking and putting chopped grass back out true feed rollers.
Contractor rang dealer who said grass was to dry and full of nitrogen.grass was tested.scum building up in some box too he told the contractor
Contractor rang this evening enquiring about the dept of the pit in the milking parlour as he's putting in a new one

anyways john deeres blowing problem wasnt helped by a hole in the wear one or ones put in after our grass was put in I can ted away again.......😊