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FIAT 450

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Is that the hungry ground that you took on lately?

I'd be going a bit stronger if it was mine 70 to 75 units/ac.
Ya lad. Not sure if it over the top hungry doh. Was never alot taken off either. One field prob want alittle extra then the other. Might push it up abit.


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Got out sowing this evening, on hire for a friend. Min tilled and it was coming up lovely. Rained where the next piece was so see what tomorrow brings. Plough should be finished tomorrow at lunch time so hope to have most of the sowin rattled by Saturday evening .


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Was hoping to top dress SB with 60 units of sulcan tomorrow before any weekend rain but it’s spilling fairly well now. Land is bone dry so it shouldn’t halt progress.


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Do those nh have the equivalent of hms on the deere. One workin near here and the pto was banging turning on the headland.

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the UK lads on twitter like to call it “drilling almost in a corner” @laoisfarmer likes to call it “rattled”, I’ll just call it “rattled into a corner”. It’s been a real no fuss sort of few days due to the weather.
God the weather has made life easy lately for any one drilling barley. All going well we should be finished sometime next Saturday.