kverneland es 80

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The lads down near me that run them on their on their farm and sell them have a 240 hp one coming in from the uk judging by one of the pics I have seen

indecisive sort

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Minter of a small Steyr


Hard to value it

17 k ?


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Buy it!
I always found those an interesting machine, there was one featured in Classic Tractor recently , working in Galway.
I remember one in Cork being used for mowing .
The newer ones were popular with compost processors
One in cork and west Waterford


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It's not wearing its 2,500 odd hours very well, considering they do mostly field work there might be 10,000 missing somewhere.

With the Traynors sticker, it must be an original Irish machine too or else a fresh import back in the day.


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Traynors were in Clonmel,they had one in the yard for years I think.
It could be seen from Lard Ass Buolevard(the bypass)I was never in there.