Stone drains?


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Did you mole into springs to catch them and bring them to the open drain?

Yes, In dry weather we moled into springs and it has helped them to drain.
But in general, we just mass mole drained. ie. The landscape in these parts is rolling hills and valleys. The valleys are flat and mainly shallow peat (Some of it is very good, dry fertile land), but the vast majority of the upland is sloped - so we just took into fields and mole ploughed up the slope. The moles are all into marl. We have a big parcel of our land that was stone drained in 1984 using the grant aid at the time and a condition of it was that it had to be mole drained. We got it done with a dozer. We had a digger in cleaning up drains in recent years and we could still see where the moles made in 1984 were flowing out from the banks of the drains when they were cleaned up. 35 years - it's almost unbelievable. But you could walk along the freshly cleaned drain and see where the water was running down the bank at fixed distances.


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Does anyone have any experience of a sectional drain cleaner? We have ground drained going through a neighbours. It was piped and very badly done and before I get anyone to check it they would probably need something like this as the end of the pipe cannot be reached by a van / truck until the weather improves dramatically. TIA.