The dig: Crops plough fascination

Heard a couple of good reports by new users down here. I hadn’t realised until recently that they are a Vogel & Noot?
Ya originally a Vogel and noot but the farmhand lads proclaim that they have changed a lot since whether that’s true or not I don’t know
Amazone had employed some ex-Rabe designers to design a plough range and only started introducing various ranges before they ended up buying Vogel & Noot. They have introduced some revised models since then.

Seem to be some keen prices on New Holland branded Overum ploughs since they took over Kongskilde
If the price was right on this demo plough and it does good work I’ll consider buying it. Wearing parts would be my biggest concern
Meant to be a heavy plough, you’ll be fine with 4 furrow but need a big tractor for 5. Price for kverneland was close when priced like for like spec earlier this spring. Like @Crops think you would need a sizeable saving over kv to consider the Amazone.
If you have a tractor suitable for 5 furrow there was a very fresh (2018 I think) 2nd hand 5 furrow xms v in Lynch & McCarthys in cork
Priced the 4 furrow up a few months ago, 28k ish I think it was. Meant to be a heavy plough and does serious work especially if your ploughing deep