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You try out the reverse drive at it?
That's the plan, we are waiting on a switch at the moment, there's a dump switch that duplicates the clutch pedal and for some reason she doesn't like the switch anymore so cuts the drive out when in reverse mode.


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Did a bit of baling for neighbour this morning as contractor got delayed and was starting to get damp. He had turned the grass with a haybob. I had about 20 bales made when i heard a banging sound from the baler just when the bale was binding. I lifted pickup thinking maybe its caught on ground but still banging. Turned off pto, wrapped bale and inspeced baler, all chains were in place and tensioned, checked bearings, anything stuck in rotar etc. Found nothing. Started pto and no banging so made a bale and everthing ok. Said to myself that it must of been a stone. Went round the field and came to bale that made the noise and saw thisDSC_0000125.jpgDSC_0000126.jpg
Turns out i had picked up the stand off his haybob!! I got a bit of fright so decided to give the baler decent inspection. Contractor came over to me wondering whats wrong, i showed him the bale. He goes is he looking for it?

I reply hes lucky theres no damage done to the baler or he can be looking for it up his hole!DSC_0000127.jpg
The r clip was found as well.