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Tragumna Tractor Run 29th August 2021



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I have been involved in helping setting up a new vintage club in Rosenallis. We formed the club in Febuary 2020 but we could not do anything because of covid until now.
We are having our first car and tractor run next Sunday the 19th of September and we are meeting at the comunity centre at 12 pm. The car run will be 78km and the tractor run will be 24km.
Our insurance policy only covers us for vehicles aged 30 years and older so anything newer cannot go on the run.
As its our first run we are trying to advertise it as much as possible. If there is anyone local that wants to take part can you send me a pm.
There will be refreshments served after the run in the community along with a raffle. All proceeds raised will be donated to charity.