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Such a great song of loves lost.
Richard Thompson is a great talent. He's not Irish, and he didn't write this one, although he did play guitar on the definitive version by Fairport Convention, I think it was @Donegal Bay put up the original by Sandy Denny lately but this kind of fits the mood at the minute



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Another great English folk musician, with a traditional song that he taught to some American fella who went off with his buddy and had a big hit with it


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I hope our members from across the water are paying attention to this education in superior Irish indie bands @scoffcruddle I'm talking to you :whistle: :lol:
He sounds like Fergal Sharky
They used to be a band called Juniper, and Damien Rice was the lead singer, then he left to trawl the deepest depths of depression and the rest of them went in a completely different direction. And I think they're all the better for it.

Another optimistic Irish one.

For our members from across the sea, that's Brian O'Driscoll's missus.

Video reminded me of this.