What are you up to in the workshop?


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You may paint the floor now !!

I'm actually thinking about it. Part of it is unpainted and is to become exposed in an upcoming cabinet reshuffle. but I don't know if theres much point, look how much of the original paint has been scratched off. a painted floor and fabrication arent a great combo.

FIAT 450

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Spent a massive 20mins in the workshop today making a outdoor feeder for the nag. It's very agri spec but with some finer refinements be worth a little cash in the pocket turner.


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Replaced the outside ring on the DD packer and put bearings on it. The other side was done in 2019 . The crane on the Volvo is a gift and I used a pulley block for the final small movements to get it lined up.


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Whats the 3rd cut for , or where ?

That should be a very handy gate ,
In odd situations.

Is it a bit wiggly , with the double extension?
1 cut across the pipe then a bevel cut on each side to notch it.
It's for the cubicle shed, it's to close against an end wall of cubicle when not in use but open out to two different width passages.
Only made the latch today so not hung yet but doesn't seem to wrigglely. I've stops in the tubes to stop it opening apart, so they're tightening it up also.