What tractor should I buy?

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So what's the model of a 390t for the jobs I want to do with it
If I was buying one for myself id be getting one from '94 onwards. They introduced the new gauge cluster then which I think is nicer looking.
I own a landini blizzard and tbf it's been a reasonably good tractor but it lacks decent hydraulic output and isn't all that great compared to the 362 I have. The 362 is 30hp less but has twice the hydraulics. Vastly superior gearbox and everything in the cab falls to hand much more comfortably then the blizzard. The 300 series is also a quieter cab.


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Why limit it to just massey's? There are plenty of models from other brands that will do everything you need to do and will be much better value for money than a 390.
When I was buying that's all I was looking at was 390T's and 398's, a lot of them weren't very tidy considering the money they wanted, I only ever physically went and looked at two, I ended up buying a TLA, and upped the budget by 10k to get something clean. The cab is a lot bigger than a 300 series


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John Deere 6400
The likes of that would be streets ahead of a 300 series Massey, at that sort of money the depreciation on anything will be minimal. Buying on condition would be most important
Streets ahead? I would say counties ahead, in terms of capability and comfort.

Granted you will probably pay more for a good 6400 than a good 390 but I know which I would rather work in.

Some tractors can become over valued too. NH TM's, Massey 300 series etc.

As @Arthur rightly says, buy the right tractor at the right price and don't get hung up on brands unless you are a collector.


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While I would agree that the JD 6400 is a way superior tractor, they are also a way dearer tractor to run at high hours.
This is true, when you think of the end user it's hard to beat massey ferguson or something like a zetor.
Keep it as simple as possible in some cases


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Had x3 300 massey’s here,without a doubt the 3 stick pair were the best,at the time they were fine but in reality they’re a 185 with a better cab,the pto pack,linkage etc weren’t up to 100hp,our machinery out grew them and I’ve no desire to own one ever again.


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ne wholland tl, or 35 series would be a good tractor in my eyes and very under valued, nice layout and a big cab with a good alround view, basic controls too


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they must have jumped in price from i last heard. neighbour i work for bought one from a nh dealer so was hardly cheap, only white badge, no yellow and it was a bit dearer than a 390t but if the 2 were side by side i would have went with the tl. drove it a few times and some how it just suited from the start for a small farmer, i liked it and i would rate the 300 series mf highly, i still have a 9600hr 1991 399 here


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I would go for a 398 over a 390T similar hp but the 398 had the 236T engine which I prefer, all the 300’s can rust just check the mud guards the doors especially the bottom also make sure they close without leaving gaps, the roof can leak especially if she came in contact with a low shed. Wasn’t there a low profile+ model out around 94 lot of the features of the high line but with the lower cab. The shuttle box was only available in the high line cabs in the early 90’s 3 stick in the low profile.
I wouldn’t rule a 399 out, they aren’t that big especially if u put one beside a modern tractor they look small.

I'd agree with MF7715 above, the 398 will come with trailer brakes as standard and a heavier duty linkage so worth having.

I think regardless though a double bale lifter is very ambitious on one.