Yorkshire boarding

FIAT 450

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What brand of sheeting? We have the same here but It's high walls and finishing or store cattle in it so not an issue.
I think sheeting came from duggan steel but don't hold me to it been up awhile now. We have 8 ft walls aswell but the down draft on the calfs was still to severe


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Yes a second row of timber 3” in side the outer one with a 50mm spacing between them . It’s a super job no rain getting in through the timber but plenty airflow .
An inch of a gap between the rows isn’t much . You’d really be restricting the airflow I’d say going that narrow. What direction is the shed facing.
It is facing West but the driving rain comes from the South West so the rain would be blowing into the gap between the two layers if you know what I mean
I have the 6x3 up and I priced the space boards yesterday and it's a lot more now than when I had a rough figure from a few months ago.


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@Sheebadog do you know what type of material is on the side of the shed in the video at 8.55
He doesn’t comment on it..but it looks like the pvc board that you’d see in milking parlor/dairy?

(Scary the amount of soya and grain maize that he’s adding to the feed because his forage is so bad!!)