Information and Experiences of a Harvest Abroad


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I did 3 years in QZ and 3 in the USA. I drove an excavator also in the big cities but enjoyed the harvests more.
One cotton harvest with a crew out of Queensland with a foreman who was addicted to hookers and every chance he got were in town in a titty bar. One time he rang the local radio station and told em that there was a nude cotton crew coming through town and the streets were filled with spectators when we rolled through with 5 cotton pickers and follow up crew and all of us butt naked.
Another night in Tamworth i got arrested for indecent exposure after i lost a bet and was dared to run down the street outside the motel naked holding hands with a guy from new zealand.
I did 2 tomato harvest seasons after that in Victoria and filled in free time with excavator driving jobs.

Next up was Kansas USA where i ran a john deere combine in a 4 combine crew. This guy was also addicted to titty bars and i remember on one occasion in Regina Canada my whole months wages taken out of my wallet by a chinese girl in a massage parlour after i fell into a drunken coma for 2 hours before she even touched me. I worked with him for 3 seasons where we would split 2 and 2 and team up on big jobs.
Great experiences overall but not a career choice. Some crews lock you up, in my case i almost had to lock the boss up as he'd go for parts on a wet day and call up a few hours later from a bar to get our asses in there. Poor guy died since from kidney failure.

Anyway, i'm glad I did it, it;s not for everyone but it'll turn a boy into a man pretty fast. Not a place for mammas boys or girlfriends at home.

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I worked with a couple of aboriginal drivers in Australia they were good drivers but they loved to drink and I mean loved it, having breakfast one morning at 6am and one of the lads already had 2 king browns of New sank (a litre and a half of beer) great experience and definitely better than hanging around cities doing crappy jobs in bars or restaurants. When I did it there was loads of work I’m sure it’s the same now.