Low roof loader tractor


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I would suggest a landini powerfarm/vision but it may be a bit basic for tillage barons :cowboy:

A neighbour of mine has a t5050 I've driven a few times, I think it's a grand tractor.

I service a John deere 5820 for a lad every year, I quite like it, it's a good lively yoke, I do collect it/deliver it back sometimes about 8 or 9 miles away and it's very comfy. Hasn't given any trouble worth talking about in 16 years/7k hours. maybe another option.

Actually, it did have about the world's most expensive wiper motor fitted at one stage. E370 euros. Bit of a sting in the tail
I have a landini vision here with loader on it and I am very happy with it don't know what height it is , have really only fed cattle with yet but cant fault it huge step up from what I had


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Best of luck with it @gone really looks like a modern 390!

You mention the height, I assume It's still okay for where you want to go with it!!!
MF have unfortunately stopped offering the lowered cab option on their tractors, so it is 2.65M. Significantly higher than I wanted, but I bringing home the 135, so it can do the very low parts of the shed.